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Slew Hampshire

Cerebral Slasher. Transcendental Terror. Backwoods Motherfuckery.

In June of 1994, one of the most brutal mass slaughters in history occurred in the woods of northern New England. Four months later, history is about to repeat itself.

Something cold, something blue, something sorrowed, something SLEW.

Live Free Or Die. Emphasis on Die.

Released 2011

Directed by
Flood Reed
Written by
Flood Reed
Produced by
Matt Apple, Alfonso Chang, Aaron Garcia, Jeffrey Gerttula, Tony Koschmann, Flood Reed, Keven Scotti, Justin D. Tucker, Joan Weinstein
Edited by
Flood Reed
Dayo Okeniyi, Michael Todd Schneider, Claire Dodin, Tyler Rice, Kimbette Fenol, Flood Reed, Brian Allen, Jeremy Isabella, Shawn Thomas, Ariana Leigh, Eric James, Matt Hish, Stephen O'Neil Martin, Gaya Malakian, 'Punch' the Clown, Jesse R. Simpson, Mike Apple, Paul J Hennigan, Christine Beaudoin, Billy Donohoe, Justin D. Tucker, Tony Koschmann, Matt Apple, Christian Wisecarver, Jeff Keglovitz, Roberta Duprey, Kevin Planeta, Janine Perry, John Joyce, Deek McDeekula, Chip Kratzinger, Billy Houldcroft, Keven Scotti, Chuck Galle
Special Makeup FX by
magGot FX - Eric James, Nathan Millspaugh, magGot