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August Underground's Mordum

Below is the original write-up, featured on the back cover of the film during its initial planned release in 2003.

August Underground’s Mordum is the follow-up to the as yet unreleased underground horror classic August Underground. Lensed in Pittsburgh on digital video, then degraded to look like found footage, Mordum is the story of three sick young serial killers who film their acts of violence and torture. The film is peppered with outstanding makeup effects and grisly set pieces, and the performances from Michael Todd Schneider (A Tribute to Sanity), Fred Vogel (the original August Underground), and newcomer Cristie Whiles, are daring and unorthodox. The filmmakers strike an odd but compelling linear narrative, while simultaneously creating a disorientating and chaotic environment within which the three psychos wreak their madness. A fourth sicko, played by Killjoy of the band Necrophagia, is introduced near the film’s climax. Horror realism at its finest, the August Underground series has the potential to become North America’s answer to the popular Japanese Guinea Pig series. Fans of confrontational cinema take notice: Mordum is a harrowing and brutal film that will surprise even the most jaded horror fan.

-Art Ettinger, Ultra Violent Magazine 2003,

Released 2003

Directed by
Fred Vogel, Jerami Cruise, Cristie Whiles, Killjoy, Michael Todd Schneider
Written by
Fred Vogel, Jerami Cruise, Cristie Whiles, Killjoy, Michael Todd Schneider
Produced by
Toe Tag Pictures, magGot
Edited by
Michael Todd Schneider, Killjoy, Cristie Whiles, Fred Vogel
Special Makeup FX by
Jerami Cruise with magGot