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Revenge Is Her Middle Name

Kat (Lissa Brennan), a drug addicted prostitute, has hit rock bottom. In a desperate attempt to turn her life around, she plans a heist, hoping to nab enough money to leave her street life behind. When things spiral out of control, she is faced with a sadistic drug dealing pimp named Mutton Chop (Douglass Bell), hellbent on vengeance, who orders a brutal attack. Now all she wants is Revenge… And it is her turn to collect!

Released 2011

Directed by
Anthony Matthews
Written by
Anthony Matthews
Produced by
Anthony Matthews, Aziza, Bryan Truex, Vinny Rizzutto, Jerami Cruise, Michael Todd Schneider
Edited by
Michael Todd Schneider
Lissa Brennan , Douglass Bell , Paula Bellin , Michael Todd Schneider Also starring Donald Ribarchak , Nate Newell, Alicia Marie Marcucci, Vinny Rizzutto, Dorian Helmic, Barry D. Givner Jr, Michael Pacinda, Karl Struss Jr, Jason T. Swinchock, Stephen E. Vogel, Scott Mervick , George J. Jacobs, Jerami Cruise and "Halfbreed" Billy Gram
Special Makeup FX by
Jerami Cruise with Autumn Cook
Giallos Flame, 23, Slasher Dave, Zebulon Ring, Thoracic Disruptor *Additional Score - David Graham and J. Wayne Clinton *Soundtrack - Billy Gram & Ghostdance Tribe, Red Bastard Brewery