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My Monster

A surreal head trip, created by the mastermind behind the gritty – exploitation loving- freakish gore worshipping…film review web site: Film Bizarro. A story of love, murder and suicide…along with other details, best left to the cruel imagination.

Somewhere between an homage to My Crepitus/I Never Left the White Room and A Tribute to Sanity… and existing some place on it’s own existence. Admittedly inspired by magGot Films, it’s also a mutant off spun hybrid of it’s own ink. This is not a fan film, but a step in Carlsson’s future path as a confrontational film maker…

Released 2009

Directed by
Ronny Carlsson
Written by
Ronny Carlsson
Produced by
Ronny Carlsson
Edited by
Ronny Carlsson
Amelie Malmberg, Ronny Carlsson and Daniel Carlsson
Special Makeup FX by
Ronny Carlsson, with Tim Wambolt
porcelain magGot, SLAVE PIG