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Bowling Night

Two guys with dark secrets together, on their way to their weekly bowling exploits. A silence breaks the rather normal routine, something horrible is definitely going to happen.

Tyler Tharpe’s (Return in Red, Freak) half of the upcoming double horror-thon, in collaboration with magGot films… DOUBLE DOSE OF TERROR!!

Co-Produced by: Innerworld Pictures and magGot Films

Released 2009

Directed by
Tyler Tharpe
Written by
Tyler Tharpe
Produced by
Eric James, Michael Todd Schneider, Tyler Tharpe
Edited by
Tyler Tharpe
Tom Colbert and Eric James
Special Makeup FX by
magGot FX: Nikki McIntyre, Eric James, Michael Todd Schneider
m kadath, David Graham, m magGot with material written by Torso Giallo and Red Bastard Brewery