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About magGot

…akin to smashing your teeth into the coffee table for ninety minutes.”

These first printed words about Michael Todd Schneider’s debut feature, My Crepitus/I Never Left The White Room, appeared in Rue Morgue Magazine. The quote, almost as visceral as the film it describes, was the first attempt at capturing his evolving style. But if one needed to cover all the bases, “surrealist psychological retro-gore” might do it.

The Films

The horror short shocker A Tribute to Sanity was awarded “Best Cinematography” and “Best Horror Short” at the New York International Independent Film Festival. The notorious and confrontational August Underground’s Mordum was hailed an instant classic. Banned from the public, Grotesque Fantasies is an experimental documentary following Schneider and fiends on their artistic exploits. …AND THEN I HELPED, a splatter romp set in 1976, hearkens back to the good old days of exploitation horror with a surreal bent. And LET’S MAKE A.. HORROR MOVIE combines all of Schneider’s insane learnings into one autobiographical experience that blurs the line between celluloid dreams and documentary reality. Our Devil’s Night and His Devil’s Night are an abrasive double feature, taking tricks n’ treats to an unnerving level. Every 7 years a series of festive annual shorts are spooled together, The magGot Christmas Special is the first complete ‘act.’ Combining 80′s horror themes with an elaborate film process called Life-O-Vision, Opening the Mind spans 17 years and concludes the in house magGot library in late 2019. Closing a 21 year journey.

Work For Hire

Schneider has also spent the past twenty odd years supplying his assets on such notable features as G. Cameron Romero’s The Screening, The Profane Exhibit, Revenge Is Her Middle Name, Slew Hampshire, Dust Box, Return in Red, Gallery of Fear, Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyon, Chrome Baby, The Wickeds, Two Front Teeth, House of Honcho, Scarlet Rain and Multo.

Outside of film, he has devoted himself to the haunted house industry as well. 15 seasons thus far. In every facet from acting, makeup, design to managing, designing and overseeing entire productions.

An award-winning true auteur, Schneider has distinguished himself through a versatility that’s rooted in necessity and limitations — despite the budgets, he’ll trade austerity for insanity any time. A renaissance madman, he is a bold director, writer, editor, actor, cinematographer, special makeup effects designer, sound designer and experimental musician.