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Return In Red

Certain electromagnetic frequencies can cause mental disruption in human beings... and now someone has decided to put that to the test on the people of a small town. Used as guinea pigs, the citizens find their lives turned upside down in a terrifying nightmare that will haunt your mind long after the chilling climax.

Released 2007

Directed by
Tyler Tharpe
Written by
Tyler Tharpe
Produced by
Tyler Tharpe
Edited by
Tyler Tharpe
Linda McCormick, Becky Niccum, Michael G. Young, David Tess, Mary Atkins, Kate Black, J. J. Huckin, Amy Paliganoff, Michael Ray Reed, Keelan Rushing, Tom Colbert, Eric James, Michael Todd Schneider
Special Makeup FX by
Michael Todd Schneider, Eric James, and Tom Colbert. Fabrication and props by Steve Vadney
m magGot and m kadath