Opening The Mind

Opening the Mind takes the psychedelic psychological horror of My Crepitus and A Tribute to Sanity to a new extreme. Shot in horrifying Life-O-Vision, not since 3D films has there been such an extreme experience.

Opening the Mind promotional piece

Principal Photography has wrapped, editing will ensue once completion of the current workload is complete. For now a 10 minute promotional short film exists, it’s available on the magGot Collection DVD.

Still from Opening the Mind of Eric James pulling his guts out

Directed By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Written By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Edited By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Eric James, Jasi Cotton Lanier, Alan Rowe Kelly, Nikki McIntyre, Midian Crosby, and Ben Tatar. Special Appearances by Benzy and Ron Jeremy.
Special Makeup FX by:
magGot Films
Fabrication and props by:
Steve Vadney - SIX FEET DEEP