Opening The Mind

Opening the Mind the ultimate experience in psychedelic psychological retro gore. Shot in LIFE-O-VISION, coming to your home early 2019. Pre-sales launch any day…

Opening the Mind promotional piece

Directed By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Written By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Edited By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Eric James, Jasi Cotton Lanier, Alan Rowe Kelly, Nikki McIntyre, Midian Crosby, and Ben Tatar.
Also Starring:
Benzy, John Karyus, Thomas Goersch, Jerami Cruise, Fred Vogel, Flood Reed, Crustie, April Lynne Radzanowski, Justin Alvarez, Albert R Torcaso, Rachael Deacon, Pamela J. Anderson, Kelly S. Roth, Albert R. Goldsmith, Kristian Hickman, Tom Colbert, Max Almeida, George Jacobs, David Coven and Ron Jeremy.
Michael Todd Schneider, Eric James, Max Almeida, Midian Crosby, Jon Wamsley, Max Almeida, Tom Colbert, Amanda Rotzler, Alison Evans, Will Sullivan
Special Makeup FX by:
magGot FX, Benzidream FX Studios
Fabrication and props by:
Steve Vadney - SIX FEET DEEP
Soundtrack by:
[Fade In], Chris Plus, David Graham, Skeeter and Roy Cherian, m kadath, Rachael Deacon, porcelain magGot, Ghoul, Enoch, Jesus magGot, Kramer Brimley, Nathan T. King, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Love Hate Cowboy, J. Black (Jerimiah Black)
2 hrs 2 min