A Tribute To Sanity


Winner, Best Cinematography, Best Horror

New York International Independent Film and Video Festival

A lonely man is consumed by his dwindling hell he’s surrounded himself in. He destroys everything he loves only to keep it his own…to later live with the regret of everything he’s done.

Available on the magGot Films Collection DVD, includes music videos, short films and trailers. 101 min.

Directed By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Written By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Edited By:
Michael Todd Schneider
April Lynn Radzanowski, Eric James, Tom Colbert, Pamela J. Thomas, Samantha Sedoris, Michael Todd Schneider and Ben Tatar
Special Makeup FX by:
magGot FX
Soundtrack by:
Porcelain Maggot, Parvulus Infectus, Red Bastard Brewery, Requiem, The Custom Car Commandos
26min (DVD 101min including extras)