Home Captive

An underground slave service has all you could want, any fetish can be fullfilled at the right cost.

This marks the directorial debut of Max Almeida, co-writer of …And Then I Helped.

There are two versions:

-3 min. (Opening gambit for Our Devil’s Night)

-12 min. Directors cut (included on the magGot Corner release)

Directed By:
Max Almeida
Written By:
Max Almeida
Benzy, David Coven, Kalina, Eric Wolfe, Brian D. Alley
Soundtrack by:
David Graham, m Kadath, magGot
-3 min. (Opening gambit for DOUBLE DOSE OF TERROR!!)

-12 min. Directors cut(to be included as an extra on the DOUBLE DOSE OF TERROR!! release)