magGot Corner

A concoction created as a recurring magGot Films sideshow splatter-piece originally for the CD-ROM publication: The Meat Socket. The “Corner” could contain anything, thematically there are no rules.

Maggot Corner graphic with drawing of a crazy toothy guy

The Meat Socket…

A quarterly horror based CD-ROM publication containing articles, reviews, interviews, short stories, film clips and music. Highly innovative and nothing like you’ve seen before. The mag horror fans have been waiting for.

Unfortunately, The Meat Socket is no more. Like many independently run creations, they found it impossible to keep afloat. We’ll not forget the legendary mark they’ve left on those of whom experienced what IT was…and it was genuine and very original. We’ll miss em…track down the issues that were…you have to see it to believe it.

Long live THE MEAT SOCKET…and…magGot Corner will survive in future installments, included here for a brief period of time…until they become available on an upcoming SECOND magGot Films Collection DVD!