My Crepitus

“akin to smashing your teeth into the coffee table for ninety minutes” screamed Rue Morgue Magazine upon viewing this gritty surrealist mind trip. The debut horror feature from Michael Todd Schneider. It began as a school project while at the Art Institute, Schneider spent 9 months after graduating to complete this ambitiously rotten gem.

My Crepitus promo pic
Sleazegrinder heaps on their own praise:

…I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that if Alexandro Jodorowsky started out with nothing but a hi-8 video camera and a few sympathetic buddies, his first effort would look just like this. Who knows just what strange inspiration drove Schneider to create this absorbing atrocity exhibition? I see the influence of death metal (the title, for one), Dario Argento, “Panorama of Hell”, David Lynch, rock and roll decadence (just like Marilyn Manson’s guitarist, Jeffrey likes to, uh…eat his own), Throbbing Gristle, Coffin Joe, Nick Zedd, and JG Ballard, but that’s all just conjecture. All I know for sure is that this magnum opus is an engrossing, enthralling, complete motherfucker of a film, and Schneider’s either got a long and intense career as America’s new favorite outlaw filmmaker or a self-inflicted gunshot wound ahead of him.

Crepitus has now been re-cut into the feature it was meant to be, I Never Left the White Room.