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Our Devil's Night

Released 2011

Directed by
Michael Todd Schneider
Written by
Michael Todd Schneider
Produced by
magGot, David Coven
Edited by
Nikki McIntyre, Justin Alvarez, Wallace Brown, April Lynn Radzanowski, Jerimiah Skertich, Meghann Recklies, David Coven and Ben Tatar as Gram Paps
Special Makeup FX by
magGot FX
m kadath, David Graham, Reverend 342, Jerimiah Skertich, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Corey Miller, Nathan King, Christa, Mike Lambert and Kaine Porter, Ronny Carlsson, Prometheus Burning, Requiem, SLAVE PIG, Dream Weapon, Porcelain magGot, Don't Kill That Fly!