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His Devil's Night

Escaping from the barren white walls that consume him, a man sets out into the October night. Whilst hiding beneath the facade of a hokey Jesus Christ costume, he very much transforms into a real monster. The proper key to unlocking his fractured mind is around every bend of his fateful journey…


Released 2013

Directed by
Michael Todd Schneider
Written by
Michael Todd Schneider
Produced by
magGot Films
Edited by
Michael Todd Schneider
magGot, Brittany Spinelli, Tom Colbert, Melissa Heflin, Johnny Sullivan, Caroline Nowell, Rachael Deacon, Gimpy, And Ben Tatar as 'Gram Paps'
Special Makeup FX by
Kirk Day Owen, Nathan T. King, Andrew P. Hummel, Chucky Hendershot, Cameron Kelly, Cat Moffat, David Coven, Janet Granite, George Jacobs, April Lynne Radzanowski, Ryan O. Neil, Daniel MacPherson
David Graham, M. Kadath, Nathan T. King, Corey Miller, Gabe Spangler, Chris Plus, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Nahtblis