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Let's Make A... Horror Movie

A group of film makers struggle to see their vision realized through celluloid. They soon delve into the grisly fate buried within the reality of making a true HORROR film.

A semi autobiographical tale, lost within the dreams of making films… Surrounded by death and dread.

“A corpse-level look at underground filmmaking…” – The Gore Met, Rue Morgue Magazine.

“If you can relate to this movie then you’re either insane or a filmmaker.” Film Bizarro

Released 2014

Directed by
Michael Todd Schneider
Written by
Michael Todd Schneider
Produced by
magGot Films
Edited by
Ben Tatar, Nikki McIntyre, Max Almeida, Michael Todd Schneider, Justin Alvarez and Alexi Morrisey as Mr. Ameropa. Also starring Art Ettinger, Pamela J. Anderson, Ken Seeley, Nikki Elko, Andy Elko, Shawn Collins, David Coven, Meghann Recklies, David Graham, M Kadath and Jon Wamsley
Special Makeup FX by
Brandon Kelly, Eric James, Max Almeida, magGot
David Graham, J Wayne Clinton, M Kadath, Jesus magGot, Torso Giallo/Red Bastard Brewery and porcelain magGot