The Screening

A theater holds an underground screening of the “Borgia” films, a murderous family’s twisted idea of art. Art that hasn’t been shown since the jury convicted the last in the family bloodline. Rumors of that jury’s loss of sanity and the films being the cause bring attention to the event. An audience filled with morbidly curious patrons come from all over to see these alleged snuff films. Others come for different reasons. Some come looking for answers. Are the films real? Did the last people to see them go crazy? What will happen once the projector starts? ….


Directed By:
G. Cameron Romero *Second Unit Director: Michael Todd Schneider
Written By:
Kristian Hickman, Christofer Lombardo, G. Cameron Romero, Mike Watt
Produced By:
Jeff Battin, Melissa Cuadra, Christofer Lombardo, Jason Ralph, G. Cameron Romero
Edited By:
Melissa Burns
Nikki McIntyre, Patrick Jordan, Eric James, Benzy, Debby Rochon, Matt Burns, Sam Nicotero, Greg Nicotero, B. J. Hendricks, Frank Nicotero, Melissa Battin, Jeff Battin, Jennifer/Jessica Bailey, Anna Bridgeforth, Midian Crosby, Dan Conville, Barret/Chris Hackney, Alan Rowe Kelly, Nikki McCrea, Jeff Monahan, Shawn Rolly, Tom Colbert, Michael Todd Schneider
Melissa Burns
Special Makeup FX by:
Benzidream FX Studios
Soundtrack by:
Jason Ralph
90 min.