Bigfoot At Holler Creek Canyon

A group of friends embark on a camping adventure to an idylic location in the mountains. The horror begins, as one-by-one, they become the prey of Holler Creek Canyon’s newest resident.

The questions is – Is it man or beast?

Directed By:
John Poague
Written By:
Barbara Kymlicka, John Poague
Produced By:
Chanda Fuller, Jean Poague, John Poague
Edited By:
Michael Todd Schneider (additional editing: John Poague, Joe O’Ferrel)
Justin Alvarez, Melisa Breiner-Sanders, Anna Bridgforth, Chris Darder, Danny Darder, Nathan Faudree, Gentry Ferrel, Johnny Ostensoe, John Poague, Valerie Saunders, Tammy Tayler, Eric James, Johnny Sullivan and Ron Jeremy as Ranger Rik
Joe O’Ferrel Additional cinematography: Jose de Jesus, magGot (uncredited)
Special Makeup FX by:
magGot FX Nikki McIntyre, Eric James, Michael Todd Schneider
Fabrication and props by:
Steve Vadney - SIX FEET DEEP m kadath (uncredited), Erika Schultz(uncredited)
Soundtrack by:
Bill Rogers
99 min.