Revenge is Her Middle Name

Poster Artwork By The Amazing Rick Melton!

“Kat (Lissa Brennan), a drug addicted prostitute, has hit rock bottom. In a desperate attempt to turn her life around, she plans a heist, hoping to nab enough money to leave her street life behind. When things spiral out of control, she is faced with a sadistic drug dealing pimp named Mutton Chop (Douglass Bell), hellbent on vengeance, who orders a brutal attack. Now all she wants is Revenge‚Ķ And it is her turn to collect!”

Directed By:
Anthony Matthews
Written By:
Anthony Matthews
Produced By:
Anthony Matthews, Aziza, Bryan Truex, Vinny Rizzutto, Jerami Cruise, Michael Todd Schneider
Edited By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Lissa Brennan , Douglass Bell , Paula Bellin , Michael Todd Schneider
Also Starring:
Donald Ribarchak , Nate Newell, Alicia Marie Marcucci, Vinny Rizzutto, Dorian Helmic, Barry D. Givner Jr, Michael Pacinda, Karl Struss Jr, Jason T. Swinchock, Stephen E. Vogel, Scott Mervick , George J. Jacobs, Jerami Cruise and "Halfbreed" Billy Gram
Thomas M. Rumpf II
Special Makeup FX by:
Jerami Cruise with Autumn Cook
Fabrication and props by:
Clay Carlino and Monica Mulneix-Carlino, Steve Vadney
Soundtrack by:
Giallos Flame, 23, Slasher Dave, Zebulon Ring, Thoracic Disruptor *Additional Score - David Graham and J. Wayne Clinton *Soundtrack - Billy Gram & Ghostdance Tribe, Red Bastard Brewery
1 hr. 45 min.