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What year is this?

February 10, 2024 by maggot

Celebrating our 20th anniversary we have launched pre-sales on a limited BOX of magGots...

Pre-order now!

* Delivery will begin the week of June 17th.

  • A custom engraved box, designed and constructed by Indira Lakshmi.
  • A hand printed shirt, designed by Indira Lakshmi.
  • A mini poster designed by Martin Trafford.
  • Lobby card designed by Martin Trafford and Indira Lakshmi.
  • Miniature wooden figure designed by Indira Lakshmi and magGot.
  • DVD packaging designed by Indira Lakshmi, Martin Trafford, magGot.
  • DVD insert by magGot (1 of 4 designs randomly inserted.)
  • A pet maggot.
  • Hand numbered by magGot.
  • DVD (1) - Feature documentary - “Last magGot Standing BIRTHING.” …is an uninhibited introspection and confession with magGot, delving into the recesses of his past and reflections on the present. Directed by Mickey D. Schneider.
  • All American Devil Trailer.
  • 7 short films.
  • Commentary: Debut episode ‘-1’ of the 'Mouths That Kill' podcast.
  • DVD (2) Feature documentary: “Last magGot Standing {HATCHED} is a candid and intimate conversation between Lucifer Sky and magGot. Filmed with an audience of hundreds during a live stream event, questions and anti dotes from the audience were moderated in the moment by Wesley Morin. Directed by Indira Lakshmi.
  • Commentary: Unplanned after party with Lucifer Sky, magGot and Wesley Morin, during the live stream event. Celebrating with the audience, further digging into the soul of magGot Films.

Pre-order now!