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This is the year.

April 10, 2024 by maggot

Celebrating our 20th anniversary we have launched pre-sales on a limited SACK of magGots.

* Delivery will begin the week of June 17th.

  • A custom embroidered textile sack designed and constructed by Indira Lakshmi. (Limited supply.)
  • DVD packaging designed by Indira Lakshmi, Martin Trafford, magGot.
  • DVD (1) - Feature documentary - “Last magGot Standing BIRTHING.” …is an uninhibited introspection and confession with magGot, delving into the recesses of his past and reflections on the present. Directed by Mickey D. Schneider.
  • All American Devil Trailer
  • 7 short films.
  • Commentary: Debut episode ‘-1’ of the 'Mouths That Kill' podcast.
  • DVD (2) Feature documentary: “Last magGot Standing {HATCHED} is a candid and intimate conversation between Lucifer Sky and magGot. Filmed with an audience of hundreds during a live stream event, questions and anti dotes from the audience were moderated in the moment by Wesley Morin. Directed by Indira Lakshmi.
  • Commentary: Unplanned after party with Lucifer Sky, magGot and Wesley Morin, during the live stream event. Celebrating with the audience, further digging into the soul of magGot Films.

Get your SACK of magGots HERE!