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Symbolicus of the Mind's Eye is 2020

March 19, 2021 by admin

This past year has been a mountain to climb. Lots in the happenings and not enough time in the day. Yet that moment has come to begin sharing a sliver of that journey.

Pre-sales are live for this crazed piece. The first of many oncoming releases and works. Keep an eye on the 24th for an anniversary release that’s as personal as it gets.

This first release will be magGot's exclusive of the following mad scientist experiment by mastermind and pal Marcus Koch. Loaded with exclusive materials and packaging.

Symbolicus is an experimental anthology project developed by extreme horror maestro Marcus Koch (100 Tears, AGP: Bloodshock). Assigned with nothing more than a symbol, filmmakers were granted full control and creativity to construct absolutely anything they wanted. Spanning over three volumes and consisting of works from 39 different filmmakers from around the world. Symbolicus defies the boundaries of traditional filmmaking, dismissing the concepts of genre or narrative, delivering a cinematic experience like nothing you have seen before.

Volume 1 will contain works from the following filmmakers:

  • Victor Bonacore
  • Cidney Meredith
  • Joe Meredith
  • Michael Todd Schneider
  • Gurcius Gewdner
  • Jessie Seitz
  • Patrick Fortin
  • Matti Soikkeli
  • James Bell
  • Jonathan Doe
  • Marcus Koch
  • Kasper Juhl

All filmmakers who participated in this project are permitted to make and distribute their own releases of the project, so you can purchase your copy from your favorite filmmaker, or you can collect them all!