Year SIXteen

Jesus is Strange

This past year has been a strange one. The long and arduous transition to a new magGot station has spanned many odd bumps. A road that was filled with a lot of mountains. Fittingly, I find myself atop of the city of Pittsburgh in Mount Washington. All things magGot are once again in full throttle.

There hasn’t been as long of a road block from completing this never-ending heap of work, since I started my journey. But the thing that’s now key, is that the work is enjoyable once again. Having firmly planted my feet in fresh soil. Traveling through the most absurd times this past year has opened many eyes, more then I knew I had. Yes, we can develop eyeballs in the back our heads.

As artists we can all too often except we are to suffer for our art. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. What this does allow is a struggle and a pure hate and love relationship with your very art form of passion. Often leading us to never-ending circles… chasing our own tales.

For three solid years I’ve battled a balance of taking care of my self and enjoying the art. This hasn’t been an easy transition. Having spent the majority of my life identifying with creative endeavors as something that pays back in pain. Rather then fulfillment.

I found stride in taking care of myself. But my art would suffer for it. When I would make a big dent in my art, my health would in turn take a beating. Finding a balance was not easy. I think it’s something everyone battles with. But for an artist this struggle is often a much harder synchronicity. We are our worst critics and self analysts.

The ‘final’ in house magGot production is 90 percent complete. Getting to a place where I had unhindered clarity to see it through good and proper has been key. But the fact that I have it in the can, is a huge relief. It’s a wild ride and one I can’t wait to share with the world.

There are many other releases upcoming. With the proper support and interest, they’ll continue dropping your way. Now that the magGot shop is fully loaded and chug a lugging.

The final journey to see all that’s been done through to the end. So we magGot’s ‘can break threw the wall to the other side.’ I personally have no plans on quitting. But the thing that folks must know is that I’m working on having my first clean plate since 2002. Something that has seemed an impossible feat for what seems a life time over. But the finish line is finely within my sights.

Nine features, tons of shorts. Countless works for hire. 13 years in the haunted house industry. Lots of creative endeavors. Getting the opportunities to take the stage, a long lost passion. Things are revitalizing what has felt like a candle burning down to it’s final hour.

For those reading this, I aim to begin writing on here more often. Sharing anecdotes and stories from set, life and all else. Shoot me a message with anything you’d like to hear about. The time is now with moving this magGot mechanism along to the finish line… and it’s a great chance to reflect. Share tidbits from the inside…