Tromeo and Juliet

Shakespeare should have made this instead.


Romeo and Juliet is a classic melodrama. Sure, there’s some exciting sequences involving sword fights and supposed deaths… Sure it has the most depressing (and incredible) ending ever. But it doesn’t have bondage, drugs, or a guy trying to fit part of his brain back into his head that a fire hydrant took off. Not to repeat myself, but Shakespeare should have made this instead. Oh, and Shakespeare’s didn’t have Lemmy. That’s important.

If I remember correctly, the first Troma film I ever watched was Citizen Toxie, followed by this one and then Terror Firmer. This is the one I’ve seen the most. It’s hilarious. The use of some of the actual dialogue from the original script followed by scenes that imply incest and graphic violence results in an occasionally genuinely upsetting experience that is unlike anything else in Troma’s repertoire. It also has one of their best death sequences (a head getting chopped off, landing on a car, and then two young kids playing catch with it while their parents freak out), and the infamous exploding car sequence that Troma has reused… Oh, two or three other times.

But the best part? The ending. It’s not the one from Romeo and Juliet. And when it happens, you’ll hit yourself for not at least seeing part of it coming. It’s gross, maybe a little obscene, and therefore it makes for another great Troma experience.