Töte Mich Noch Einmal

  • An exciting addition to the special edition of OPENING THE MIND is the experimental German film, Töte Mich Noch Einmal.

Below is a breakdown of the talent involved. Including Thomas Goersch who makes an appearance in OTM as well as The Profane Exhibit.

Töte Mich Noch Einmal

Daniel Hadrović is a writer and filmmaker. He has Croatian citizenship and lives in Germany. 2019 he was nominated for the Croatian Artist Award “Većernjakova Domovnica”.

Antonio Putignano is an Italian actor known from cinema and television. He was an integral part of the most successful German daily soap ever.

Thomas Goersch is mainly known to the German audience as a TV host and gained a solid fan base through extreme underground film productions.

Shirley Hermanick is a German model who takes now and then roles as an actress.

Advisor on the set was the horror author Robert Odei.

Gabriel dos Santos Dias, from Portugal, is responsible for the editing.

The music score was composed exclusively for the film by the English Band TWO WHOLE QUAILS, who specialized in setting up music to surreal silent films.