The Sweet Sound of Dubbing

Art Ettinger of Ultra Violent Magazine and magGot films recently wrapped on an intimate 13 minute video interview with Ben Tatar. This will be featured on the upcoming Troma Films DVD release of The Hanging Woman (featuring Paul Naschy) which includes the film Sweet Sound of Death.

Ben directed the English dubbing of several Spanish films while in Madrid, Spain. His company Ameropa Studios was responsible for dubbing roughly between 200-250 films between 1968-1977. Sweet Sound of Death was one of the earliest films he dubbed for producer Sidney W. Pink (producer of the first 3D film Bwana Devil!) Ben also dubbed several of Paul Naschy’s films as well through those years, such as: Horror Rises From the Tomb and The Devil’s Possessed.

Ben covers many wonderful stories in the thirteen minute interview, the DVD will be available September 29, 2009. Orders are available through