The Prophetic Train of Profanity…


Profane Exhibit


Recouping from a weekend of profanity… at Horror Hound. Promoting The Profane Exhibit. In attendance from the family were Manda ManuelDavid BondSergio StivalettiMaurizio GuariniTina KrauseAutumn Cook and yours ugly


A sneak peak of select segments spattered the screen (Sergio, Marian Dora, Nacho Vigalondo and Uwe Boll‘s segments).


We followed it up with a panel, rudely interrupted by Tony Todd. He stomped onto the stage and ripped the mic from our paws… allowing us to properly announce his involvement with Profane…

Profane panel

Photo courtesy of Dolls of Despair.

Certainly a weekend to throw down on the history books. We laughed, we cried and now it’s over once again… until next time.


There is a ton of things in the mix and it is near impossible to balance everything… but one major thing we want to be certain to announce are the pre-sales for the 13th anniversary release of I Never Left the White Room/My Crepitus. The film magGot celebrated completion of on his 21st birthday, some time ago…


It is a brand new HD ‘magGot Vision’ transfer, including freshly bled artwork, loaded with hilarious interviews reflecting back… Some of the earliest film work will be seen, for the first time. As well as newly restored footage, thought to be lost… See it again, as it has never been seen before. But as it had always wanted to be…

Artwork by Nathan T. King.

Artwork by Nathan T. King.

There is also a new release of Our Devil’s Night for those who missed out on the premiere limited release. Featuring a brand new stamp of art. Film Bizarro says, “Our Devil’s Night” finally forces us to be scared of MagGot once again: we’ve waited since 2003 to be truly shocked by how far his characters will go.”


Artwork by Nick Mears.

The teaser:


Dig in and get a little profane with us! In The magGot STORE!