Jesus magGot unveils The Larval Lounge…

The Larval Lounge.

Jesus magGot unveils the Lounge

What is The Larval Lounge? This is a question I’ve been asked for what seems like an eternity. To explain, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jesus magGot; I’m an absolute hack who is enjoying the fruits of hooking up with the Messiah of all that is morbid Michael Todd Schneider. I will not lie, I have no idea what I am doing. I have never conducted interviews before, thus you get to watch as my writing evolves. It’s an exciting experience and I invite you all along for the ride as I talk to artists of several different mediums including but not restricted to directors and musicians.

We make this promise to you: We will never write anything negative about the arts. We don’t understand the point of bashing a film, album, or book when there is so much great artistic vision within. This allows us to focus on the art we love and promote it as much as possible and after all, it’s only our opinions..those of which we are all equally entitled to.

We hold no barriers with our content. We are not strictly horror and metal fans. Although we do possess a fond appreciation for those particular genres, we are constantly branching out finding new and exciting art forms in many different fields. We also like to express our senses of humour and our blatant disregard for certain rules of writing. An example is the presence of the haiku; we hold no true ideals as to what it should be, it is what it is. In our case: pure hilarity.

We hope to build a relationship with you, the audience; therefore any constructive criticism is welcomed with open minds. But please no comments that simply say, That sucked. We want you to ELABORATE! Tell us what you think sucks about it. We are always trying to better our talents, and your insight may help point out something we’ve missed and/or need to work on.

Take a look around my loyal lovers of all that is larval, and allow the worshipping of our diabolical media to commence!

-Jesus magGot

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