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“If you can relate to this movie then you’re either insane or a filmmaker.” – Film Bizarro It has been a long road to finish Let’s Make a… Horror Movie. Eight long years. Making a film is like a lifetime all on it’s own. You live, you die, you are reborn… You cry, you sweat, you […]


The wait is over! …And Then I Helped is now available for pre-order! This run is limited to 25 prints and will contain some nifty special goodies. We’re finishing up the DVD transfer and orders will ship asap. There’s also a few more fresh releases available in the store. Including the original A Tribute to […]

magGot’s holiday nights…

Christmas will nearly be over…this is a tale of two who know that all too well. The journey of one son’s search for the ultimate. The perfect holiday wish, nestled in the cold Christmas breeze… Created for my Mum this year, it was such a hit that I decided to post it for all… Merry […]

Glengarry Glen Ross

Alexi Morrisey (soon to be seen as Mr. Ameropa in “Let’s Make a Horror Movie“) and the magGot himself appear in these promo skits for the amazing production below…goooooo….!! SEE:  Patrick Jordan, Bingo O’Malley, Benzy!…Gotta see it!…Go! Go to Bare Bones Productions for all the info!