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The wait is over! …And Then I Helped is now available for pre-order! This run is limited to 25 prints and will contain some nifty special goodies. We’re finishing up the DVD transfer and orders will ship asap. There’s also a few more fresh releases available in the store. Including the original A Tribute to […]

Our Devil’s Night…

Octobersky Although we’ve wrapped up the haunted house (Nightmare at Station Scare), every day is Halloween here at magGot Films. We’re in the final stages of writing the remaining tunes for Our Devil’s Night. Getting ready to celebrate our mutual love for October times all over again…Click the above link “Octobersky” for a little taste…if […]

Nightmare at Station Scare commercial

“The most terrifying haunted house experience”, designed by magGot Films. Folks dropped all three bodily fluids due to such an extreme rush of fear…we’d say that was a success…Here’s to a very spooky season… The commercial: