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Santa (Sal Lizard)

Amazingly I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life… Father told me Santa wasn’t real… then would proceed to tell me how He is real… But not in the literal sense… which to a child is very confusing. All knowing my ass! Anyways… Enjoy my time with Santa at Shock Stock 2013! -Jesus magGot

Screamwave: Horror Podcast

While at Shock Stock Screamwave previewed …AND THEN I HELPED during the screening. We then sat down for a little interview with these fine chaps. Tune in, click the image below! …and here’s a direct link to the Podcast for listening ease… HERE.

Manik Temptress

It’s not very often one is privy to watching a great band start from its roots up. It’s also not very often these days to find a new band that satisfies the inner metal head in us all. The world of ‘popular’ metal has felt stagnant to me for quite some time. The very definition […]