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TWO Helped screamings!!!

TWO screenings of …And Then I Helped will be hitting the Great White North! February 3rd will be with Horror in the Hammer. Through their monthly Fright Night screenings held at The Staircase Cafe Theatre… The short film Day Zero will also be shown! Thine magGots will be attending both… February 5th will be hosted by the Gore-Met with Rue Morgue Magazine, Suspect Video and the magGot Clan. At […]

Bill Zebub

Happy Halloween my fellow Larvae! Today we enter the world of the King of B Movies – Bill Zebub. The writer/ director of Assmonster, Night Of The Pumkin, The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made, several Metal Documentaries and my personal favorite Zombie Christ, amongst many, many others. Zebub joins us in the lounge to discuss […]