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Max to the Max

Some of the greatest moments during each stage of production were shared with Max Almeida. His involvement with this era of work was incredibly prolific. To touch the surface he is a great idea man. Also his writing is top notch. We co-wrote …And Then I Helped with Nikki McIntyre. He fleshed out the skeleton […]

Mr. Ben celebration. Helped goes VHS.

Today would’ve been Mr. Ben’s birthday. Shortly, I’ll be sitting down to watch …And Then I Helped on VHS. I had the honor of being the first director to work with Mr. Ben as a lead in a feature film. Something that should have happened many years before. But when you have star presence, small […]

Beniamino Tatarini

Art, Allana, Max and I surprised Mr. Ben Tatar for his incredible 80th birthday…What a pleasure it was to spend the afternoon and evening with one of the most gifted actors I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with. We wrapped up the evening with the SAG awards and enjoying some of Allana’s delicious […]