Before film there was music. The first recordable medium I could dabble in. Very early on after several years talking about it, my Dad finally got me a guitar. I believe I was eight… I took lessons for a year until my teacher went on an extended vacation. He was into metal and the music I yearned to play, nobody else in our tiny town offered someone into such rebellious meanderings… So I waited for his return. Which was not to be.


Meanwhile… I began to experiment. I used duel cassette decks, my guitar, anything that made sounds as well as my voice… and started to make experimental recordings. This was a dirty little secret for several years… Not realizing until I was eighteen that there was even a genre for what I was doing… and that I was basically evolving to a point where I’d be behind the sound design in my own films.


Flyer by Derek Rush.

Flyer by Derek Rush.

When I left to art school, I read a Relapse catalogue/magazine. There was an interview with Roger Karmanik (Brighter Death Now). It opened the floodgates. I discovered this little secret of mine was actually a type of music. Many of his techniques were even things I’d since acquired, thinking I was alone in this strange journey.


My first room mate at art school was M Kadath. We were shacked up in a tiny studio apartment with one another. He had a huge interest in music and was also discovering experimental music of all varieties. We went to shows of all kinds and experienced a lot of great bands. He was the first I’d collaborate with musically. We created a handful of tracks together. Elements of these tracks have surfaced in various places. Most notably for the Mordum trailer…


Flyer by Cara Gaetano.

Flyer by Cara Gaetano.

Since I was tiny, the idea of being on stage and performing live was an incredible thing. I’ve gotten to be in a few theater productions and it boasts a similar energy. There’s no going back… and for someone who has mostly spent their life on recordable media of all kinds, it’s always more a fantasy then a reality… and it’s been thirteen years since I’ve had the opportunity to take the stage. That is finally happening this Saturday…


I am performing with David Graham (Requiem) whom M Kadath introduced me to. They performed in two incredibly intense bands: Hedra and Parvulus Infectus. The latter was the first band I’d collaborate on scoring (two scenes for My Crepitus) as well as a pivotal live performance as well.


M Kadath always built up Requiem to be this God like creation. When I’d ask if we could get him to work on scoring our films, his response was that his music was too intense to marry with that of a film. It was a spiritual journey that destroyed you live. He was sure the music would overwhelm a film and not bind as one. It wasn’t to be for several years. My work as a film maker evolved as did Requiem…


"Premature" limited split CD release.

“Premature” limited split CD release.

Several years later M Kadath was back in town. We caught up and hit up a Requiem show. David and I officially met once again… and immediately hit it off. It was now meant to be. Starting with the second magGot Corner episode. David is now a key member of magGot Films and not only has he worked on a large portion of the scores, but is also involved with filming. He shot some of the most insane moments in His Devil’s Night as well as plays himself in Let’s Make a… Horror Movie.


While magGot Films is celebrating it’s tenth anniversary this very year… David and I realized our musical projects are celebrating their sixteen year anniversaries to boot. So we decided to do a split CD release “Sweet 16” (Soon to be released through Now Is Why). Also, we decided to take the stage to celebrate… We’re debuting another limited split CD at the show, entitled “Premature.”


The performance will integrate film, music and performance art…



Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Garfield Artworks

4931 Penn Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA


Flyer by David Graham.

Flyer by David Graham.