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FILMS…that kill…FILMS…that kill…FILMS…that kill…FILMS…that kill…

OPENING THE MIND  (2 DVD 1CD Special Edition – Pre-Sales)

The final in-house magGot Film! Closing a chapter spanning twenty odd years.

Includes many magGoty contraptions:

Feature length neo-documentary: Film is War

Original Soundtrack CD

Mini Poster (created by prolific artist Bryan Lewis Saunders)

Slip Cover (artwork by magGot and Ronny Carlsson)

3 Short Films

7 Commentaries

Letter, Sketch and Mini Lobby Cards


Cover art by Nick Mears!

Signed and Numbered

Price: $40.00

Documentary will ship sometime in 2020 within the continental U.S.A. Purchases made outside of the U.S.A. will be provided with a downloadable stream.

OPENING THE MIND  ( DVD – Limited – Pre-Sales)

The final in-house magGot Film! Closing a chapter spanning twenty odd years.

Cover art by Nicholas Mears!

Price: $25.00

…AND THEN I HELPED (2019 Directors Cut – DVD Limited)

“The most authentically trippy ’70s throwback of the modern era”- Ronny Carlsson, Film Bizarro

Extra: …And Then I Made a… Horror Movie
(22 min. tease of the feature length documentary)

Artwork on release by Douglas Duerring and Nikki McIntyre.

* Nearly sold out.

Price: $25.00

HIS DEVIL’S NIGHT (2017 Uncensored Directors Cut – DVD Limited)

“It is ten miles more extreme than an R-rating would allow…” – S. Craig Zahler, Fangoria

“…A FACE FULL OF BLOOD AND CUM.” – The Gore-Met, Rue Morgue

“”The most vicious night on the town you’ll ever witness!” –Ronny Carlsson,  Film Bizarro

Featuring 16 minutes of previously censored footage… Completely restored, cut and remastered.

Extra: VHS yes: Behind the magGot (A 21 minute documentary)

Artwork by Cucu Sumatra, Rachel Dawn Renaudin.

Price: $25.00

magGot Corner Collection. (DVD Limited)

maG Corner 17A decade of magGot Corner episodes. Over two hours of FILMS THAT KILL…  The first 24 episodes.  Artwork by Nick Mears.

Price: $25.00

(DVD Limited)

HORROR MOVIE cover for site

“If you can relate to this movie then you’re either insane or a filmmaker.” – Film Bizarro

The ending is devastating.” – Rue Morgue

Eight years in the making. Plus 30 minutes of extras. Three never seen companion short films, three interviews and a trailer.

Artwork by Nick Mears.

* Nearly sold out.

Price: $25.00

(DVD Limited)

ODN devil web“A tour-de-force of depravity and mental illness..” – Film Bizarro

The never seen feature length cut of Our Devil’s Night (2014).  The complete companion to His Devil’s Night, featuring a brand new HD (magGot Vision) transfer.  Oozing with 70 minutes of interviews…

Price: $25.00

(DVD Limited)

I Never Left the White Room

“…akin to smashing your teeth into the coffee table for 90 minutes.” –Rue Morgue

13th anniversary release. Featuring a brand new HD (magGot Vision) transfer. Featuring 50 minutes of never seen interviews, behind the scenes, footage from some of the earliest magGot family movies…. As well as restored Crepitus footage.

Artwork by Nathan T. King.

* Nearly sold out.

Price: $25.00

CHROMEBABY (DVD 2017 Limited)

“Chromebaby is a highly recommended splatterfest that brings the action, blood and jokes to the max.” Ronny Carlsson, Film Bizarro

What do the KKK, a brothel of undead whores and a pedophile clown have in common?


For a limited time, the present batch are signed by Eric James and come with both the original cut and the 2018 magGot Edit.

Price: $25.00

(DVD Limited)

Mordum“If there is a film that is more disturbing then A.U. Mordum, it’s genuine snuff.” – Rue Morgue

The original final cut. Premiered in the U.S. and the one that had Rue Morgue’s Gore Met shaking in his boots…

Price: $25.00

Grotesque Fantasies
(DVD Limited)


“The first behind-the-scenes gang-bang from ultra-underground feral filmmaker Michael T “magGot” Schneider”

Dig into the truth behind the film that “pushes the envelope so much further than anyone else in the history of film.” This documents the first year of Toe Tag’s inception and the creation of Mordum. Get a taste of what Toe Tag was, prior to magGot’s departure. Go behind the scenes into a pivotal period of time. Created to go hand in hand with Mordum upon it’s initial release, this is straight from 2003.

Price: $25.00

magGot Sets

mOrduM – Grotesque Fantasies – Fuck/Kill Edition (2 DVDs, 1 CD – Limited)

Mordum GF dvd cover

“If there is a film that is more disturbing then A.U. Mordum, it’s genuine snuff.” – Rue Morgue

Official 10th anniversary magGot edition. The original final cut. Premiered in the U.S. and the one that had Rue Morgue’s Gore-Met shaking in his boots…

Includes the original edit, first ever magGot commentary, 44 minutes of never seen edited footage from the notorious American Premiere, a brand new 2013 interview, Grotesque Fantasies (feature documentary), Mordum original soundtrack CD in separate jewel case (remastered in 2013 with bonus tracks -produced and mixed by magGot), USS Nightmare, trailers an original magGot sketch and evidence. All bound in black tissue and stockings…

Price: $50.00

magGot ART

Upon ordering, you will be contacted by magGot. Requesting a reference pic for your portrait. Be magGotized!

magGot Portrait 2

Price: $25.00