Slime City

I’ve heard the term “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” all my life. While I’ve always figured they were specifically talking about New York City, after seeing this, I now fully believe they were referring to SLIME City.

Slime City is the debut feature of independent filmmaker-turned author Gregory Lamberson, and it was made near the end of what I feel is one of the greatest periods for independent genre film making, the eighties. This was an era that birthed such bat-shit crazy classics as Basket Case, Combat Shock, From Beyond, Street Trash, etc. This was a period of rampant disregard for conventional film making, rivaled only by the seventies. Slime City marked the end of an era. It was an unbelievably satisfying end, but an end nonetheless.

The story involves young Art student Alex (Robert Sabin) who has just moved into his first apartment, hoping that living on his own, rather than in a dorm would convince his virgin girlfriend Lori (Mary Huner) to move in with him, and thus, have sex with him. Things go awry pretty¬† quickly when one of his neighbors, aspiring poet Roman (Dennis Embry) gives him some mysterious elixir and “Himilayan Yogurt” made by the long-dis ceased father of their landlady, Zachary, notorious alchemist and occultist. He’s seduced by his sexy next door neighbor Nicole (Ironically, also played by Mary Huner) and so begins his downward spiral as the spirit of Zachary (Played in a dream sequence by Daniel Frye) slowly takes over his body, turning him into a deformed, slime-covered monster who needs to kill to maintain his normal appearance. Much splatter ensues, with blood and gore showing up left, right and center, but would you have it any other way?

Slime City comes off as a movie that takes place in some kind of parallel universe where cops befriend prostitutes, mysterious mediums offer information of grave danger for only a dollar, and your average hobo is actually quite well read, and a bit of a snazzy talker. In short,this movie rules! The film’s shoestring budget never becomes too apparent, as the effects, cinematography and music all work very well. In particular, the last fifteen minutes or so will surely be etched into your brain for years to come. The performances by all are quite believable, and fun to watch.

All in all, you really can’t go wrong with Slime City. It’s original, fast paced, and as I mentioned earlier, bat-shit insane. It’s crazy plot is never boring, and despite it’s insanity comes off as oddly believable.


…………………..Fuck you, that’s why.