Slew wrapped!

Eric James and magGot are back home and recovering from an intense battle of the elements… on set of Slew Hampshire. They both threw double duty by acting and throwing about the on set special makeup FX. AIP buddy of magGot: Nathan Millspaugh built some fx in his studio in Illinois, though the budget wouldn’t allow his on set assistance last minute… it was still great to have him on board. The enormous abundance of FX wouldn’t have been possible without the pre-production favors of Benzy and his Pgh. based studio Benzidream FX Studios. Also Kirk Owen, Max Almeida and Wallace Brown all spewed their share of pre-production support.

We had a blast with the entire cast and crew, talent and ice poured from every orifice. Director Flood Reed and producer Justin Tucker have a hell of a production on their hands. To celebrate wrapping Slew Hampshire, we’ve cooked up episode 6 of magGot Corner…

Check out the following press: HERE and HERE!

magGot pain

Photo by Tommy Logtens.

Photo by magGot.

Photo by magGot.