Movie Reviews

The Larval Lounge has been an exciting home away from home on for some time now. It has been a chance for our magGot Clan to share their love for the arts. Being smothered beneath a mother load of projects, I have yet to break away and throw my two cents at something here. […]

If there’s anything I’ve learned from world news, high school and film, it’s that Science is the enemy. It’s asked questions that drive people insane, robbed me of precious adolescent nothing-time and, in the case of this film, destroyed lives. Herein lies the world of Cronenberg, the filmic equivalent of a mad scientist. A deranged […]

The Thing (prequel) 2011 Directed by: Matthijs Van Hijningen Jr. Written by: Eric Heisserer, and John W. Campbell Jr. (short story °Who Goes There°) Starring: Mary Elisabeth Winstead, Eric Christian Olsen, Kim Bubbs, Paul Braunstein So, I just saw a sneak peek of the new °The Thing°. It’s a prequel to the Carpenter flick from […]

I’ve heard the term “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” all my life. While I’ve always figured they were specifically talking about New York City, after seeing this, I now fully believe they were referring to SLIME City. Slime City is the debut feature of independent filmmaker-turned author Gregory Lamberson, […]

Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011) Directed by Robert Hall. Written by: Kevin Bocarde, Robert Hall Starring: Nick Principe, Thomas Dekkar, Danielle Harris, Brian Austin Green, Owain Yeoman, Angelina Armani. Right off the bat I love this neo-slasher because the first thing you see is our very own Mr. Ben Tatar on the menu screen. […]

Without a doubt in my mind, I am a dirty person. I enjoy dirty jokes, and things that some may find offensive, crude, and even indecent. So it occurred to me upon first viewing this film that it seemed to be tailor-made for me, the grimiest movie ever made. Everything I love in a movie […]

Death by drill would be absolutely terrible. I used to think that death by chainsaw would be the worst, and that’s not a difficult position to take. Having the belt literally hook onto parts of your insides and tear them out would be one of the most agonizing, brutal deaths… I would sooner drown in […]

I’m a really huge fan of hyperbole. I like to think that every movie I see, particularly immediately after I’ve seen it, is the Best Movie Ever. And I tell everyone. “You absolutely have to see this movie, dude… It’s the best movie ever!” And they watch it, because I make them, and they usually […]

33 years ago acclaimed Italian filmmaker Dario Argento, released his fourth—and arguably his best film, “Suspiria”. Three years later, the semi-sequel, “Inferno”, was released and a full-blown trilogy was underway. After almost thirty years of anticipation, the third and final chapter in Argento”s “Three Mothers” trilogy has finally arrived. In comparison to its predecessors, “Mother […]

The title says it all. It’s about a fight between a Megalodon and a giant octopus. It’s got terrible special effects, worse acting, and frequently dives head-first into the realm of Making Absolutely No Sense. All the things that make for a great B-movie. Now, personally, I had my money on Giant Octopus. I’ve seen […]