Interview with Matt Drake & Ben Carter of U.K. Thrashers EVILE – Laceration Lacey: How did you guys start making Metal? Ben: It was a long drawn-out process really. We went to school together and were both listening to the same bands and decided to put two and two together to eventually make four and […]

Happy Halloween my fellow Larvae! Today we enter the world of the King of B Movies – Bill Zebub. The writer/ director of Assmonster, Night Of The Pumkin, The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made, several Metal Documentaries and my personal favorite Zombie Christ, amongst many, many others. Zebub joins us in the lounge to discuss […]

It was written long ago that a band would arise to us. And bring us one step closer to Armageddon. Here now is something for all you death metal fans out there. Straight from the seething, morbid heart of London Ontario. Listen closely my fellow Larvae, the time is certainly nigh. “…And when He opened […]

Note: This interview was conducted months ago. There has been a rumour going around for thousands of years that Myself and Lucifer are sworn enemies. Sure I admit we’ve had a shaky past… Banishing Him from Heaven was a little harsh I suppose (hey we all make mistakes)….But that surely doesn’t mean that after all […]

It’s not very often one is privy to watching a great band start from its roots up. It’s also not very often these days to find a new band that satisfies the inner metal head in us all. The world of ‘popular’ metal has felt stagnant to me for quite some time. The very definition […]

As I continue my travels in the world of low-budget cinema I came across ‘The Gateway Meat’. I looked at the cover….. something sinister and grotesque about the graphic art caught my attention immediately. I quickly bought it not knowing exactly what I was in for. What I recieved was a gore filled ride through […]

A common complaint about the current state of cinema is that the creators are just in it for a quick buck. They figure out what will sell and create films around the lowest common denominator to ensure ticket sales. However, there are some bright stars in the sky surrounding the world of film, and we […]

Whilst sitting at a nearby watering hole, doing my famous water into wine trick for a group of women with mellon heavy breasts, I was approched by a long haired hippie. Apparently mistaking me for someone from The Black Crowes, he asked about my knowledge of horticulture. Being familiar with the subject we began a […]