Three straight conventions and three brand new releases have left their scars… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

First promoting the mammoth international anthology The Profane Exhibit alongside artists I respect to no end at Horror Hound. We released an advanced batch of the feature length cut of Our Devil’s Night.


Profane Exhibit panel











Here’s what Film Bizarro has to say about the feature length cut of ODN HERE!

…and here’s what Mr Parka’s Reviews has to say:

Secondly, we saluted the 13th anniversary of the first official magGot feature: I Never Left the White Room/My Crepitus at Cinema Wasteland. Bonding with Mordum fans always ends with rock star antics and retarded babbling. This weekend was no exception.

Wasteland party






















Rounding out the triple dose of conventions… we ventured to the Great White North for the third annual Shock Stock. A sneak peak premiere kicked off Friday eve with His Devil’s Night.

Saturday, Shock Stock persuaded us to make a special announcement. We tag teamed with Joel M. Reed and invaded Naomi Grossman‘s panel. We proudly introduced our upcoming collaboration in magGot – Reed style. Sniff that you raunchy freaks! Read what Hammer in the Horror says of the “hostage crisis’ HERE!


Freaks attack...














I camped out in Toronto in Club Attic with Ryan O. Neil and Lisa “Kickass” Hamilton for a few weeks. We hammered on new scripts, hob knobbed at various meetings, shot a new magGot Corner… we even joined the stage with the zaniness that is ‘Cloven Path Ministries’… Check out Pastor Morgan and his antics to repossess HERE!

We have a brand spanking new magGot Corner to round out your daily dose of magGot-ism… can you handle it?! Torin Langen sure can!

Stay tuned for further news…as the witches cauldron is brewing mighty hot right now…