Ron DeCaro

As I continue my travels in the world of low-budget cinema I came across ‘The Gateway Meat’. I looked at the cover….. something sinister and grotesque about the graphic art caught my attention immediately. I quickly bought it not knowing exactly what I was in for. What I recieved was a gore filled ride through the pits of hell. A trip I must admit was far more entertaining than my first visit (although Satan throws a great luau!). I decided to find the one responsible for this joyous tale of blashemy and see what He had to say for himself.

Ron DeCaro pic
To start off tell us about ‘For The Better Of Mankind Productions’.
FTBOMP is my outlet. It is the title that all things I do artisticly goes under. For the most part it is mainly me but there are others that should be mentioned for being part of this insane dream I’ve had. Drew Snelson, Jared Silva, Trevor Toscano, Aaron and Ben Labonte are all talented people who have truely help ftbomp become possible. These people are a sort of family to me and I love them all like brothers.

What got you starting into making films?
I started making films in winter of 2004 after the crumbling of a long term music project.

Can you tell us about your films ‘The White Lie’ and ‘Eating Razors (a love story)’?
Eating Razors wasn’t taken very seriously and is more of a comedy though be it sick as I view it. The White Lie however was taken seriously and admitedly the acting near the beginning of the film is a bit choppy but I feel the end still stands to truly shock and deliver what it set out to do. Which of course is to ruin your day.

How long did it take to complete ‘The Gateway Meat’?
The Gateway Meat took a little over 2 years from start to finish.

What were the auditions like?
Auditions were very interesting especially for the roll of Bahtoe. We actually saw about 10 people to play the mentally challenged young man. We had a pillowcase with a stuffed animal of a cat inside. We had the people pretended to be retarded as they stomped on the kitty and praising Satan. It was Hallarious.

The 16:9 format really sets this film apart from a lot of other low-budget films, what brought upon this decision?
I always liked the framing alot better for some reason. I feel it also makes it look a little tighter. Also we trade alot of lens tricks to try to get a more film like feel and it seemed to work better for that.

For all those horrified that you would subject a young child to this, would you explain how you got the shots of Sofia Flynn?
Well there are examples on the DVD but I have gotten shit about this. We would shoot all of her stuff seperately and long before any violence or gore was taking place. We shot alot of insert stuff in her bedroom in the dark. When we were shooting anything with her we just rolled the cameras and got what we got. There we no takes, and if she got grumpy we were done. We created an illusion that is very far from the reality of her actual life. The main thing of it was we made it fun for her and she never saw anything nasty. She is my daughter and truly the light of my life, she’s now a happy well adjusted 6 year old who can read to me.

I noticed Toe Tag Pictures was selling ‘The Gateway Meat’, how did you hook up with them?
After I put out Eating razors, Drew and I started shopping around for nasty no budget movies to see where the line was. We found the line, it was and is still the grand daddy of all underground nasties as you must already know August Underground’s Mordum. Drew got a copy and he called me and said I’ve got this movie it’s so nasty and brutal I’m not sure I even want the DVD in my house but you’ve got to see it. I was intrigued. I watched it and after it was over I was repulsed and kinda pissed off. After all I am a father and the last 5 mins. or so were just so rough on my senses. After about two weeks of still feeling messed up inside I emailed Fred to find out more info on the film and we’ve been chatting ever since. TTP has been very supportive to us.

The Gateway Meat DeCaro

I just found your short ‘The Pustual’ on ‘The Gateway Meat’ Dvd, Was this your first short?
LOL ahhh the PUSTUAL concieved, written, shot and edited in 4 hours. No there is actually a 3 min version of Eating razors I shot first.

How did you create the pustual special effect?
That was spirit gum, a condom, gelatin, honey, mayo and mustard.

What is you’re experience with special fx?
When I first started I knew nothing. Now I can say they are award winning. I owe it all to Aaron and Ben LaBonte who went to the Savini school. They showed me how to do it all. Lifecasting, moldmaking, running foam, bladders and on and on.

In the commentary you mention how you did not use scripts but there were lots of scrap pieces of paper. Did you have an outline for the film or was it more of an organic experience?
There was an exstensive outline for TGM and I wrote alot of dialog but we also riffed alot too. I do write screenplays however. I have a script for a movie called YARD SALE that is truly disturbing and the last short I shot Emancipation is scripted as well.

Where can people find your films?
Well sadly won’t be back anytime soon because my host is trying to charge me a ridiculous fee to reactivate it. A new site will be constructed soon and we’ll be back up and running. For now you can get our stuff off of
Look out for the Emancipation limited hand pressed dvd coming soon and there will be only 50 of em.

How do you feel about today’s low budget/ independent movie scene?
To me it’s hit or miss. I really like some of the no budget stuff that I’ve seen over the past few years the likes of anything by TTP, Brian Paulin, Ryan Nicholson, Andrey Iskanov

What’s in the future for FTBOMP?
At this point all I can say is I don’t really know right now. We’ll be around in some capacity but work really has me tied down right now.

Define ‘The Gateway Meat’ with a haiku
Passionaltly drenched
blood sweat tears
Cathartic release