What can one say about Ronny Carlsson’s new film Récompence? What can one say about a film with no dialog? And indeed, what can one say about the man behind the film? As it turns out there is a lot to say about Récompence. For one thing it’s hard to find any constructive criticism. Ronny recently posted on facebook how He finds it amazing how He has received so many great reviews and a 9+ imdb.com rating. Personally I think He’s selling himself short… on this short.

Récompence may not be what most fans of Ronny’s films would have expected. It’s not exactly a horror film. Experimental… sure, but horror? Certainly there are horror elements to this tale but I find it hard to really stick it into a specific genre. What it certainly is, is a film that you need to think about. I recently gave Ronny my perspective on what the film is about, and it turns out I was a bit off base… or completely off. However that is one of its charms. Like a great lyric its open to interpretation. Now it may be that some will get the film right away.. but not this guy. So what’s the film about?
Well here’s what the synopsis reads… “A girl wakes up in the middle of the woods with no memory of what has happened prior to that. She is injured and confused when she starts seeing a shape, or figure, that is following her.” Now who the figure/ shape is, is left for the viewer to figure out. There are certainly hints dropped, but again you can add your own ideas to what “it” really is.

Now certain things that have to stated are the obvious. The overall look of the film (in glorious black and white) is breathtaking. The choice to do this in b&w was absolute genius. It adds a certain dark feel to the film which helps reel you in from the very beginning. Add to that a beautiful and creepy score and it suddenly puts you into an odd place… by that I mean it creates it’s own world that you get sucked into. And then you come back to the real world and everything looks a little different.

Know that I’m being blatantly vague on the story, and I admit that part of that is because I don’t fully understand the whole film. But again that’s what makes it so interesting. I’ve now watched it 6 times. Each time I find new little things that make it a little different in my eyes. But this is why I’ve become so attached to it, anytime I don’t completely comprehend something, yet am glued to the screen… well that’s what I call fantastic film making!

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