Scarlet Rain

Thunder is heard. Lightning flashes. The rain seems normal at first. But then it turns red. Indistinct voices are heard, one frightened by the rain, one furiously saying it’s only your imagination.

Dotty and Ted are twins, and as different as their genders are fraternal. She was the class clown, while he was the more reserved, quiet type who allowed his boisterous sister to command the spotlight. Orphaned at a young age, both bear undertones of melancholy due to their childhood losses.

Enter Pete, a college chum of Dotty’s and Ted’s. A brooding young man, Pete confides stories of the red rain’s origin: long ago, a kindly witch, betrayed by her superstitious community, attained her vengeance by claiming the lives of those who persecuted her – and then turning their blood into crimson rain. The town sent an assassin to put the witch in her grave, and she is said to have spent her final breath willing her unborn twin daughters to carry on her deadly legacy.

Despite Pete’s apprehensive conviction, this seemed a tall tale in the minds of Dotty, Ted, and their fellow collegians – until they become stranded in the cursed rain, leaving them at the mercy of the witch’s ghostly twin daughters. All grown up, clad in dark, high heels and gothic attire, the steely cold, supernatural pair begin carrying out their only objective: slaughtering those touched by the red rain, and doing so in brutal and macabre fashion.

Directed By:
Matt Walker
Written By:
Matt Walker
Produced By:
Johnny Sullivan, Matt Walker
Edited By:
Bergen Brown
Sarah Snyder, Jonathan Shea, Alex Pepper , Lauren Schwartz, Debbie Schwartz, Heather Mccue ... Allison, Matthew Ruf, Melissa Heflin, Michael Levy, Twila Ilgenfritz, Charlotte Whittington, Logan C. Sayre, Erika Jarecki, Shelby Harlow, Debbie D, Maura Housley, Matt Walker, Michael Todd Schneider, Nikki McIntyre, Tiffany Kemp
B. Sweeney
Special Makeup FX by:
magGot FX
Fabrication and props by:
Johnny Sullivan
Soundtrack by:
Stephen Spies
90 min.