I Never Left the White Room

“akin to smashing your teeth into the coffee table for ninety minutes.” …

Rue Morgue Magazine

The first fully realized magGot vision splayed onto the screen. This is the film that defined everything to come…

The monster.
A misogynist kills for a murderous god of his own making.

The doctor.
What is a psychiatrist, if not a repressed mental patient?

The slaughter.
A perverse fantasy given life through the breakdown of reality.

Directed By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Written By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Produced By:
magGot Films
Edited By:
Eric James, Tom Colbert, Rich Atha, Annie Night, Crystal Roberts, Michael Todd Schneider
Special Makeup FX by:
magGot FX
Soundtrack by:
Parvulus Infectus, porcelain magGot
75 min.