Grotesque Fantasies

A disfigured feature documentary on true independent cinema. Seldom seen, this film was designed to showcase various guerilla filmmakers. Originally created to be released with the original cut of Mordum, it goes into great depth on set and behind the scenes to reveal the truth. Early Bloody Fun Productions films Sorry and The Kranny are featured. Several artists are also showcased in various manners such as Alan Rowe Kelly, Eric James, Fred Vogel, Tom Colbert, Jasi Cotton Lanier, Mike Watt, Luis Pedron, Satchel Underwood.

Hosted by: The Campy Creep


Directed By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Written By:
Michael Todd Schneider
Luis Pedron, Mike Watt, Amy Lynn Best, Alan Rowe Kelly, Superkollider, Leprosy, Chef, Dave Brown, Cristie Whiles, Jerami Cruise, Fred Vogel, Killjoy, Michael Todd Schneider, Jasi Cotten Lanier, Joe Cruise III, Midian Crosby, Shelby Jackson, M. Kadath, Erika Shultz, Chris Shaw, Art Ettinger, Ellana Sleeth, Jason Spence, Tom Colbert, Jennifer Reynolds, E. Jay, Satchel Underwood, Samantha Sedoris, Philthy McRotten