HOME CAPTIVE… The opening ‘gambit’ that sets the tone of DOUBLE DOSE OF TERROR!!, the anthology magGot Films produced in conjunction with Tyler Tharpe”s (Return in Red, Freak) production company Innerworld Pictures.

An underground slave service has all you could want, any fetish can be fulfilled at the right cost. This marks the directorial debut of Max Almeida, co-writer of …AND THEN I HELPED.

DOSE NUMBER ONE… There has been nothing so ghastly in the archives of horror. Witness two men as they cruise along in their sweet ride on the way to an all important bowling tournament. Wait… one of the two men has just killed his wife. But why? You’ll recoil and shudder as you witness the shocking truth that leads to unspeakable slaughter during the course of their weird and grisly BOWLING NIGHT (Directed by Tyler Tharpe.)

DOSE NUMBER TWO… Titillating… torrid… are they human, or animal? A pair of incestuous cousins follow their Gram Paps’ passion for Halloween. He’s the mastermind behind their game, giving new meaning to ‘tricks or treats.’ The family’s unhinged and unpredictable behavior explodes waves of crimson psychedelic horror in their wake. What begins at a questionable holiday bash ends in horrific tragedy, leaving many scarred on OUR DEVIL’S NIGHT (Directed by Michael Todd Schneider.)

Artwork by Ed Quillin