Yet another fun chance to promote a great friend and his very talented company… Patrick Jordan and barebone productions are at it again. We were more then happy to grill up some redneck salmon and see what came out the other end…

Alexi Morrissey, Benzy, magGot and Chloe Persian Mills ‘star’ in this skit of barebones promotional splendor… Props go to Steve Vadney for his incredible attention to baseball… Along with fellow Canadian rockers Red Bastard Brewery’s tune, appropriately entitled: Yukon Joe.

Hope to see you at the show!

barebones productions presents KILLER JOE by Tracy Letts

Directed by: Kim Martin

Featuring: Lissa Brennan, John Gresh, Patrick Jordan, Hayley Nielsen, and John Steffenauer

Tickets: $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Purchase tickets online

Wed-Saturdays @ 8pm
(1 Sunday Performance @7 on the 27th)

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or call 1-888-71TICKET

Set in a trailer on the outskirts of Dallas, the crass, dissolute Smith family hires Joe Cooper, an off-duty cop, to murder the matriarch for insurance money. Joe claims the Smith’s daughter as a retainer against his final payoff, which sets off a dangerous series of events that prove this “killer” may have met his bloody match.