Lisa KickAss

Kickass prepping some grue for Jesus directorial debut: PWCA. (2012.)

It’s amazing how true friendships will hold up against anything. When something is meant to be, there’s no stopping it. After finishing My Crepitus, I was at a convention (Fright Vision) endlessly looking for an FX artist/friend. He was doing a makeup demonstration on me for the convention, this was my ticket in. I nervously approached this couple who looked a little lost in their own right. I asked if they’d seen a one legged FX artist. The guy quickly shot out: …”No I haven’t but there’s an ass kicking contest down the hall… maybe you should check there!”


After hitting it off with this Canadian couple (the whole reason they looked a tad out of their element) they invited me back to their hotel. This couple was none other then Lisa ‘Kickass’ and Ryan O. Neil. We shared some beer and I got an advanced listen to Ryan’s first full length album. It was for his epic band Red Bastard Brewery. I gave him a copy of My Crepitus in trade and he would mail me the finished album when it was done.


Throughout the weekend Ryan, Lisa and I kept hitting it off. Even when I would go off on another adventure, they would wind up right there at the tale end.


Saturday was the makeup demonstration. I was transformed into an elegant Satan, complete with full face silicone prosthetic, contacts, fangs and suit. We hit the town in style headed by Ted Bohus… winding up in the hands of a classy strip club. The door man didn’t want to let us in due to my Satanic getup. Ted immediately asked for the owner and he welcomed us in open arms, “the Devil is ALWAYS welcome in my club!” A man walking out of the restroom, fled screaming upon seeing me. He hit the exit with his fly down, believing he’d seen the evil one himself…  Next thing you know the girls are hitting on Satan. What a night.


We come back half tanked and with plenty of stories to tell. Like clockwork, there was Ryan and Lisa partying in the lobby. We quickly joined them and laughed the night away as we sat in the lobby of the hotel. Ted gave commentary to the passers by, per the enormous windows the hotel offered that overlooked the city scenery in front of us. Some of the most genuine times are so simple.


Celebrating ten years...

magGot, Gore-Met, Kickass, Skeeter. After screening shin dig celebrating Revenge is Her Middle Name (2011.)


The convention ended. We said our good byes. The internet had just started to take off, the three of us started to correspond via email. At first they played twenty questions regarding My Crepitus and it allowed me the opportunity to dig deep into my own work. As time passed, I realized I had evolved as a writer. I never would’ve thought that writing emails back and forth would develop ones writing so well… but it did. I can easily say that because of them, I graduated to another level per our epic and massive emails.


Low and behold, these crazy Canadians stayed true to their word and a copy of the complete album by Red Bastard Brewery wound up at my door step. I loved every minute of it…


It became a yearly tradition, we would hit up a convention every year. The following year, we met back up at Fright Vision. I had completed my new film, A Tribute to Sanity. We did a hotel room premiere. It was a huge hit. Then there was another viewing in the hotel hallway and I remember Ryan going up to the VCR and rewinding the film immediately. He watched it again while the party went on inside.


Now all these years later, we are closer then ever. It’s amazing how the real thing cannot be broken, even when you live at such a great distance. These Canadians are more a part of magGot Films then a lot of those whom are immensely closer in proximity. Raise your tallboy’s to salute LISA ‘KICKASS!‘… Here’s to an even crazier decade of psychedelic dread… Dig into her official Bio HERE!