Lucifer Valentine

Note: This interview was conducted months ago.


There has been a rumour going around for thousands of years that Myself and Lucifer are sworn enemies. Sure I admit we’ve had a shaky past… Banishing Him from Heaven was a little harsh I suppose (hey we all make mistakes)….But that surely doesn’t mean that after all this time we couldn’t be civil to one another. On this warm springs morning I asked Lucifer to join me on the temple mount, to bury the past, look to the future….. and of course tell us about his horror genre ‘Vomit Gore”!

So it’s been almost 2000 years since our last encounter… And I think enough time has come to bury the hatchet. How the ‘hell’ have you been?
Oh I’ve been wonderful, just been traveling around your pretty little earth; met a lot of your darlings along the way, especially the girls, poor things, for some strange reason most of them seem very, very sad, wanna know a little secret? It’s because they just need a true friend, someone who won’t judge them and accepts them for who they really are, don’t worry though, I took good care of them.

And I can’t thank you enough for looking after them. But for now I’d like to talk about you and your films. One of the first things that struck me upon viewing Slaughtered Vomit Dolls (SVD) was the sound design. What was the idea behind the soundtrack?
I created and recorded all the sounds for SVD myself. And as I was editing the movie, I would begin to hear the sounds that would go with the picture as the edit developed. Also, when I am editing a movie I remember the environments I was in when I shot it and how I felt when I saw certain things. Or when, in the case of SVD, Ameara LaVey said or did something, and the way my mind works is that I will see/hear/feel/taste/smell a sound when I see or remember certain images and the sound design and effects get created from there; it just so happens that a lot of the subject matter in my movies is quite dark so the sounds I make reflect that inner feeling of haunted tragic sickening emotions and traumatized, fragmented psychological states.

You’ve talked before about your incestuous relationship with your sister Cinderella, but what I’m more interested in is what was it that made you feel secure sharing this with others?
Well I’m very proud of my relationship with my sister and I love her more than anything so it actually makes me happy to talk about her, and since she greatly influenced me as an artist and a person and is the reason I make movies, it would be nearly impossible not to talk about her in interviews etc; also, being that I’m a Satanist, I think that certain topics of conversation, although taboo to most people, are just fine with me. As you probably know, my little sister Cinderella, with whom I had a much publicized incest relationship, took her own life a few years ago and she did it in a very horrifying way, that is, she drowned herself in a bathtub after overdosing because she was mentally unstable and felt betrayed by me for dating other women such as Ameara LaVey so she mimicked Ameara’s suicide death in SVD with her own. I raised my sister myself as my parents were constantly traveling during my childhood, and, because she had ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and was nearly blind, she would often go catatonic for long periods of time, however, one day I noticed that she would come to life if I videotaped her. Cinderella absolutely loved performing for my camera so I videotaped my sister for years on end to keep her occupied and engaged and she did the weirdest things and fell down a lot and sang songs in various unknown languages and performed for me and it made her happy instead of a statue. My sister’s death had a huge effect on me as she was the most important thing in my life and she is actually the reason why I make movies and why I have the particular style that I do, so when interviewers and other people ask me how I started making movies I don’t mind at all talking about Cinderella.

reGOREgitated Sacrifice Can you explain your fascination with emetophilia?
Several years ago I was in Helsinki, Finland staying with some friends and they decided to have a “Maxhardcore Marathon”; Maxhardcore is a porn legend who invented “puke-fucking”, which is when you deep throat gag a hot girl till she pukes all over your cock, then you immediately fuck the girl in the ass using only the puke as lubrication. So my Finnish friends decided to show me three days worth of unedited, European versions of Maxhardcore’s most fucked up puke-fucking pornos ! I was immediately drawn to the practice of puke-fucking and formed a Vomit fetish right then and there ! I loved how totally inhuman it looked onscreen as I watched. The main things I liked about puke-fucking were how they girls’ bodies uncontrollably retched and contorted and the guttural eerie sounds coming from them were animalistic and primal; also, I really liked the desecration and defilement of these super hot girls, how their eyes would water and their mascara would run down their faces and how mucus would come running out of their nose etc. and how they would do something so ultra submissive and masochistic.

What kind of camera equipment do you use?
People usually give me cameras to see what I can do with them and I usually break them and/or render them unusable by harsh treatment and getting them drenched in various bodily fluids on set. Doesn’t really matter to me what kind of camera, I’ve used all kinds.

I love the ‘in your face’ style gore you portray. Are you responsible for the effects?
The actual makeup and prosthetics for SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS were done by the amazing Arcanum Design Works, for ReGOREgitated Sacrifice they were by Arcanum Design Works and Chris the Heathen Velago, and for the 3rd and final installment of the Vomit Gore Trilogy they were by Oddtopsy FX which is Marcus Koch (director of 100 Tears) and Shelby MacIntyre.

mmm guts

There is one shot in reGoregitated Sacrifice showing Cinderella in the bathtub. Is this a form of therapy for you? By the sounds of it you two were as close as two people could be.
That very brief shot (in black and white footage) of Cinderella was her about six months before her death re-enacting Ameara’s death in SVD as she commonly did because I told her that was my favorite scene from the movie; so Cinderella was very upset by that and would always tell me that she could kill herself way better than anyone and that I couldn’t like Ameara or anyone doing anything and so she’d show me that she was the only girl for me and could do it better. In total I think I filmed Cinderella re-enacting the SVD drowning scene about 12 times and so I considered it part of the Trilogy at that point as Cinderella had merged herself with Angela/Ameara’s death. Yes we were insanely close and my sister would very often pretend to be me and repeat everything I said and follow me everywhere and never leave my side and she wanted to marry me and I probably eventually would have married her.

Has anyone else been following your direction in the ‘Vomit Gore’ genre?
I’m not sure really. I mean, the reason why I created Vomit Gore was so that I could have a very noticeable venue for a Trilogy of movies that I really loved that absolutely had no rules and were totally real and true to my sensibilities as an artist and a person. Obviously I knew that the Vomit factor in my movies would play a huge role as I have a Vomit Fetish and Ameara LaVey was my girlfriend at the time I made SVD, and combined with my other fascination with the cinematic destruction of the human form and human thought, I really just wanted to make sure that I created a nice conceptual venue for these three movies to exist in first and foremost. I really liked the idea of Vomit Gore as a genre of gore film because it represents completely embracing whatever I am ACTUALLY all about, and not trying to be a clever movie director who references film history and their repertoire of knowledge of the norms and conventions of how one is “supposed” to make a film. Vomit Gore artistically represents my personality which means I go deeply and completely into darkness with my friends who work with me, with no judgment and we get together and embrace all forms of Hell, pain, sorrow, trauma, sex, fetish whatever.

Where the hell did you find Hank Skinny?
Ha ha well the incredible Hank Skinny is a friend of the B camera man on SVD and RS, known as “The Black Kid”, and, while shooting SVD. The Black Kid asked me if his friend Hank could stop by the set one night as he was a super cool guy and was fascinated by what we were doing; normally my sets are fiercely closed and I never let anyone stop by, but for some unexplainable reason I said Hank could come by for one beer. I instantly liked Hank, he was cool, easy-going, and super funny, and as one beer turned into ten he stayed on set with us that first night I met him and as he was helping move some lights he said “hey man, just so you know, I can really puke up a storm if ya want”, and that was it, a true Vomit Gore Star was born! I said “sure, man, let’s set up the next scene and you can jump in!” Since that night Hank has been in all the most outrageous Vomit Gore scenes in my movies and has been instrumental in crafting some of the most extreme gore moments ever!

Hank Skinny

I have to ask…. When will we get to see the end of the trilogy? And will Ameara be back?
At this moment I am rendering the third and final installment on my computer so I can ship it to Unearthed Films to be released in the next two or three months at the most! VERY SOON! The trilogy is all done and I really love it! Yes, the third movie stars Hope Likens and Ameara LaVey and they are brilliant, gorgeous and stunning! Neither one of them held anything back and delivered unspeakably beautiful performances.

Amaera LaVey

Any other projects we should know about?
Immediately after the Vomit Gore Trilogy is released and followed up with a box set, I will begin editing a documentary I have already shot called BLACK METAL VEINS, which is about a group of my friends that are heroin junkies and the main character is obsessed with Norwegian Black Metal.

Define Vomit Gore with a haiku.
Ha ha ha! I don’t know how to do that  . . .

Thank you for your participation my child. Looking forward to the next film.
My pleasure! Thanks!


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Update : Lucifer’s new film and the final part of the Vomit Gore Trilogy is Slow Torture Puke Chamber and has been released by Unearthed Films