Remy Couture

Like many of you I am deeply offended by the “C” word. And no, I am not talking about “Cock” or “Cunt” or “Continuity”… these words amuse me… well maybe not “Continuity”. I am of course talking about the word “Censorship”. Although I’d like to think that I, as a deity, am not bound to a nationality, I am a Canadian citizen. And as a Canadian I have been promised certain liberties in the Canadian Charter of Rights. One of which is the right to free speech. This means that I can say or do anything I want as long as it does not harm someone else. However promises, unfortunately, are frequently broken. Thus is the case with Remy Couture.

Remy is a very talent FX artist who has become, as one officer put it “A victim of his own talent”. I will save the space and allow you to read about it here In the meanwhile I’ve had the chance to ask Remy not only about the case, but also about his craft. So sit back my Children and embrace the Inner Depravity!

Like many great stories, let us start at the beginning my Son. What started your interest in fx?
I’m gonna be honest with you. I remember watching the making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video as a kid, and it really felt like a punch in the face.  Later as a young adult, what first gave me a lot of inspiration was the main character of the series Hellraiser, the Cenobites.  Creepy.

Did you have any formal training or were you mainly self taught?
I always had a knack for airbrush painting since my teens. I had to find a way to pay for my beer and partying at the time, so I used to paint my friend’s leather coats, motorcycle helmets, hockey goalie masks, cd covers and huge flags for heavy metal bands. Those were the days.
Later i started FX effects, and my first project was a photo shoot in my apartment, with a bunch of friends and I decided to transform her into a corpse.  I posted that pic on the web on some corny geocity website I created, and my friends made me notice that a lot of people went to see that picture. I gained confidence and here I am, still working on new stuff, trying out new stuff, always working on projects as diverse as web series, photo shoots, a few short movies, indie movies, etc.  I’m usually busy.

What was the first project you worked on?
It was my set of photo shoots for Innerdepravity back in 2005. Time flies.

Do you have a “Dream Project” you would like to work on someday if you have not already?
I used to dream to be able to work on Hellraiser set. Someday I wish to be able to work as the creative director on huge projects such as Saw, or anything that will push to a very high level of ultra-violent. Maybe working on the complete set of war movies would be interesting, such as WW2.  I love history, especially the thematic around both world wars, so that would combine both my intellectual interest and my art together in one project.

You are well known for the realism in some of your fx, do you prefer going for realism or going for over the top fantasy make ups?
As much I can work on the fantasy makeups about aliens and such, I prefer to work on realistic FX because what makes it really work is when the audience is wondering if it is reality or not. I like to make people think when watching my art.

How would you do my make up? You know… for those times I don’t want my mistress to beat me to a pulp before I leave the house.
Hmm… funny question. I would totally work on your wrists, sweet Jesus. Last time I saw you Jesus, your wrists were not bleeding and rotting enough, and I also noticed that you did not have enough whip marks, just like what they did to you in Passion of Christ.  I also think that the crown of thorns is so yesterday, I think we should style it to barbwire.  After that, you should be smokin’.

Do you ever or have you ever taught fx classes? And if so will you continue to do so?
My first experience teaching an FX class was at the FANEXPO 2011 – under the invitation of my dear friend Rodrigo Godino, who totally gave me a great opportunity for me to teach my art to the public. To my surprise the workshop was jam-packed with students of all trades, from different cities. That was a great experience to see people interested in learning in my techniques because i never went to school for what i do.  I am planning to continue to give workshops as well, after my court case is over, when I will be able to start working on a program, and teach to the new generation.

OK time to get serious… now before we get into the charges brought against you, would you please give our readers a little background on what was all about?
INNERDEPRAVITY.COM was a web-based multimedia project I produced and created back in 2005.  The content, a series of short movies along with photo shoots, were displayed by thematics. I am also a special FX makeup artist, and my goal was to put in practice the various special FX techniques I acquired throughout the past years. Access to my website was strictly allowed to a mature audience(18 years old and up), due to the graphic content of my art.

In 2006, I decided to make a DVD version of my work. INNERDEPRAVITY 1 and INNERDEPRAVITY 2 were born. INNERDEPRAVITY 1 was premiered at the SPASM Festival in 2007, and won the award of ‘the most deranged movie of the year’.  An unexpected reaction. Innerdepravity perpetrates the terrible mindset of a serial killer. A tattooed masked man performs many of his killings in many different settings, and every killing is accompanied with a photographic journal of his deviance’s.

You are up on charges of “Corruption of Morals” Do you feel they have any sort of case at all? Or is it all just an effort for them not to look like total dip shits after they realized the error they had made arresting you in the first place?
I feel that this is a complete waste of time and money for anyone involved. They arrested me thinking that there was an actual case, No actual murders, but after they realized and verified that there was absolutely nothing but latex and paint in my home, they probably felt like a bunch of idiots.  Seriously, they ARE a bunch of idiots(pardon my French)! I guess to save their faces now they are trying to say that my work has no artistic value. I mean, come on, all they need to do is to admit they made a HUGE mistake.

How has this effected your personal freedoms in this country? For example can you leave the country? And also they seized a lot of your personal property, have you or will you ever get it back?
Of course I can still travel as long as my trial has not started and that I’m not found guilty. However, all my equipment was seized since 2009 (computer, laptop, my credit cards, my passport,all my bills) and they still have not yet returned anything to me yet. The prosecutor of the Crown, Sophie Lamarre, has worked very hard for them to keep my equipment, hoping that it would stop me from spreading my art. I guess she didn’t know about the internet much, because there are so many fans around the world who have fanpages and are still spreading my work today. Just google Innerdepravity and see for yourself.

As we all know going to court is expensive. Last I heard the bill was over $25,000. Is this still rising?
Well I can’t give you the exact full amount, but it is for certain over 30 000. It can rise even higher depending on how long the trial will take, which can last up to a month.

So your new court date is set for Jan 9th 2012. Are you worried this is just going to be delayed by the prosecution again? It seems to me as if they are trying to wear you down because it’s the only way they can win is if you quit.
Of course it is the oldest trick in the book to try to wear me down, but I will always stand up and fight in the name of freedom of expression. I feel like OJ Simpson, except I didn’t do it, and that I’m not a millionaire.

Anything you would like to add?
Please visit!  Please spread the word and help me battle justice’s injustices! All donations are dearly needed, they will be paying up my lawyers for this huge case. Also, if you would like to help in any way,  don’t hesitate to write to me: All suggestions are welcome! Thanks for your support!


You can also check out the facebook page at!/CrimeArt

And here is also a link to a trailer for a  doc, detailing the events surrounding His arrest called “Art/ Crime”.