I Never Left Scandinavia…

SICK FILMS is releasing I Never Left the White Room into Scandinavian territories. They’re excepting pre-orders, grab yours now! All other areas, it’s still available straight from the heart of the magGot… If you’ve yet to see the beginning of the end times, beat the following link!


Below is the “English translation” off their site:

Prior Jeffery is a guy who lost his footing in life greatly and his vacillating mind is slowly but surely driving him to madness absolute outskirts. He sits there, alone in his cell and his thoughts wander off to dark places where demons and other creatures mixed with his own dark memories night … and there is nothing anyone can do to help Jeffery.

Michael Todd Schneider as well is probably best known as an actor / co / medregissör to August Underground’s Mordum with I have NEVER LEFT THE WHITE ROOM created an insane trip right down into the human psyche absolute darkest recesses. This is dirty, raw, bloody and senseless violence.

A small warning is probably also out of place – like most movies that go under the category of “extreme cinema” is that nothing works for everyone.This is sick stuff and you should absolutely know before you order.